About Me


Eunique Kollection is an eclectic blog curated by Eunice Kim based in Los Angeles, CA. 

Initiated in S. Korea
Cultivated in Los Angeles, California.

Advertising Major with Multimedia Design/Graphic Design Minor;
Crazy cat lady;
Internally opinionated individual;
Fashion, Design, Music, Marketing;
in the end, I'm just:

A Eunique Kollection of Interests & Skills

For more info or business inquiries, email me at soo.eunice.kim@gmail.com

Where does the title "Eunique Kollection" come from?
(a word to my readers)

Eunique is a mixture of my first name and the word "unique". I spell "Kollection" with a "K" because it's the first letter of my last name. But why put them together? It's because I am a Eunique Kollection of every person I have encountered mixed in with what life’s experiences has shaped me to be. My goal in life is to never stop learning and to always try to leave people with a lingering sense of enchantment, enlightenment, and confusion. This is, perhaps, due to the fact that I am fascinated and captivated by so many different things that sometimes it ends up cluttering my mind and ultimately leading to utter confusion. I have an insatiable need to stimulate my mind, which probably explains why I enjoy an eclectic variety of things and am a eunique kollection of interests. 
I enjoy the arts and crafts, doodling, cooking, nature, traveling, fashion, clothes, sports cars, design, and various music genres ranging from rap to electronica to classical music. I started blogging in hopes of being recognized for my taste and style sensibility, and in hopes that this will put my name out there. "But what do you do, exactly?" Well, I do anything that has to do with the art of creating something for the sake of creating. Vague enough for ya?