Playsuit in the Playas de Ensensada

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E N S E N A D A , B C , M E X I C O

I had so much fun at Ensenada this past weekend with my closest friends @juliajverie @kingcrissy & @meeshellkim! The weather was a bit cloudy but it worked out because the hot sun would have made things so much more difficult (especially since mosquitos are hungry natives there). 

Despite the copious amount of mosquito bites we all got, it was great brushing up on my español skills and being tourists in our neighboring country. One of the things I highly recommend is going to La Bufadora to try out their barbequed clams topped with shrimp, cheese, onions, and tomatos. It's a delicious concoction that melds the natural clam juice that seeps through the shell with all the wonderful goodies that sits oh-so pretty on top. 

To be honest, we didn't do much. We chilled at the house, spent quality time playing charades and enjoying the warm Mexican weather. Although my phone had service (shout out to Verizon and unlimited data!) I enjoyed spending my time disconnecting and enjoying the company of my closest friend and our significant others. 

Where is your next go-to destination?
If you live in Southern California, I highly recommend driving down the 4-5 hr trip to Ensenada for a beautiful beach destination. The US dollar is extremely strong right now so head out of the country for new adventures!

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Camel brown sandals  |  Steve Madden via Zooshoo


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