Prismatic. Iridescent. Like A Bismuth Crystal.

6:30 AM

Photos by Luis Trujillo (@pactography)

After realizing that I have too many black clothes, I've been adding more color to my wardrobe. This technicolor holographic tee from Shein is just what the doctor ordered. I love the way it glistens in the sunlight, showing its iridescent, prismatic abilities like a bismuth crystal

The bismuth crystal represents change / metamorphosis / transformation.
All the things I need in my life right now. 
Hopefully I'll be able to channel energy like a bismuth crystal and adapt to change. But why do I need change in the first place? Because I don't want to remain stagnant in life. I've started focusing more of my attention on growing as a person and as a blogger, and I'm not going to's been tough. But all of you who read my posts and have been following me (new AND old), make all of this so worth it. So thank you for joining me on my journey. Who knows where it will go, but it's not always about the destination. I'm glad you've joined me on my ride and can't wait to show you what else I can create that will hopefully inspire you in some way.

Also, I got the new iPad Pro 10.5" and I CANNOT WAIT to start creating digital art! I've slacked off on my graphic design game but I'm ready to start creating something more than just fashion. Maybe I'll start incorporating makeup with my looks more often! Who knows! The possibilities are endless!

Thank you again for all the love and support!
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euniquely yours,


O U T F I T  # 1 :

Burgundy suede beret  |  Aland
Black choker
Vintage Return to Tiffany earrings  |  Tiffany & Co
Lace bralette in burgundy  |  Victoria's Secret (sold out)

M A K E - U P :

"Dare" + "Two Piece" + "Criss Cross"  |  Colourpop on eyes
AZLO Lashes
"Zebra"  |  Colourpop on lips
Celestial Powder in "Candlelight"  |  Kevyn Aucoin for highlight



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