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These distressed jeans are making a comeback on the blog because I love how versatile they are! In my previous post (here) I styled them with fishnet tights, but this time I tried to go for something more romantic with lots of edge. 

Cameo by Jen (@jenrheem)

Lowkey wishing this fur scarf, that I took off of a cardigan from Guess, was my cat instead.

Jen & I both wearing GJG Denim's destroyed jeans, which fit like a soft cottony glove with perfectly distressed holes.


Photos by John Garduno (@johngarduno)

Special thanks to GJG Denim

So there's ANOTHER take on the classic black top + jeans outfit. If you haven't seen my other fishnet version (here), check that out for your next outfit inspo! I love playing around with basic outfit formulas (i.e. black top + jeans combo) by sprucing it up with something a little extra. Like how I added the burgundy beret and matched my lip by combining "Homegirl" by Kat Von D and "Zebra" by Colourpop for a metallic sheen. And of course, can't forget the faux fur roadkill that I slung over my shoulder for a flair for the dramatic, which I lowkey wished it was my cat Loki instead. This outfit would be something fun to try out if you have a fur scarf at home that you never use but decided that one time you absolutely needed it, but ended up never using. This would be the perfect outfit for you! And now for every post, I try to leave behind a style tip for you to utilize in your wardrobe, so here is my tip on making the most use of what you have in your closet:

- If any of your clothes have attachments like a fur trim that you can take on or off, use it to accessorize your plain outfits!
- Try matching your lip color to an accent color in your outfit. It immediately pulls the entire look together
- I always say you that you should experiment with your wardrobe and try funky things every once in a while. Don't be self-conscious about how people will look at you because no one should judge others for expressing themselves, even if it looks silly. That's what fashion's all about! It's about taking risks!

So I hope you give this look a try and utilize one of the 3 tips I listed above!
Thank you for stopping by and reading this post! If any of you have any styling questions, comment on my Instagram here and let's be for real :)
See you guys next time

euniquely yours,

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O U T F I T :

Creped viscose blouse (sold out) |  H&M
Distressed high rise skinnies (similar one here) |  GJG Denim
Fur scarf  |  Guess (old)
Suede leather ankle strap boots (similar here)  |  See by Chloe
Burgundy suede beret  |  ALAND
On Lips  :  "Homegirl"  |  Kat Von D  +  "Zebra"  |  Colourpop
Buckle waist belt  |  Alexander McQueen via TheRealReal


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