Cherry Sake Bomb

12:09 PM

C H E R R Y   S A K E   B O M B

Milky peach colored sake,
sweet but toxic.
Lingering notes of floral cherry blossoms.
Best served in gold-rimmed pink glasses.

The initial smoothness of the first sip is welcoming.
The 2nd, craveable.
The intoxicating aroma
the pink milky color.
you'd think it's a sweet candy drink
but it's a vindictive, sly temptress
luring you in for another.
You never know when you've had too much until you finally get a chance to 
step back.
Then swirl into ruffles of ecstasy.

There's no regrets with Cherry Sake Bomb.
Only aftermath hangovers.
But enamored by living life through rose-colored lenses
you'll be coming back for one more bottle. 

- E.K.

How cute is this ruffle top from Missguided?!
I saw this at Nordstroms and thought it would be the perfect top to introduce the floral spring/summer season! Although the fabric is on the heavier, non-breathable side, I would wear something like this this coming month to Coachella.
I paired the look with these new ZeroUV sunnies that has a retro hexagonal shape and with cute Chun-li buns that made this look eunique. I'm always on the lookout for unique items that sets a look apart from the others, and inspired by the copious spring blooms popping up everywhere like daisies (or should I say cherry blossoms), I went with pink tones. But of course I had to add my black tones per usual, like these perfectly small, simple high-waisted shorts that I scored on sale at H&M and these AMAZING zip front boots from Public Desire.
If you've been following me on Instagram, you already know I'm always wearing my old H&M platform boots that's survived not one, but two Coachellas AND a Lightning In A Bottle festivals. Those boots were CLUTCH and so chic for 2 years! So when the wear-and-tear started settling in, I knew I had to get new similar boots for this season.
And let's just say Public Desire came through!
These zip front boots ARE ON SALE! So if you like them, snag them quick here while they're still on sale! They're super comfortable and I will definitely be wearing them at Coachella next month. Plus, I've been getting so many compliments on them already, I really hope they last for 2+ years as well!

Use code "EK154U" at ZeroUV for $$$$ off!
ZeroUV has thee best Coachella/festival season/summer sunnies at thee best prices. And just because they're affordable doesn't mean they're cheap in quality either! They're honestly the best brand and a big thank you to ZeroUV for always hookin a girl up and making sure I'm covered (literally).

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I can't wait to see what types of outfits I'll see at Coachella this year!
If you're going, what weekend are you going to?
Who or what are you looking forward to seeing the most?
Let me know in the comments below!

euniquely yours,


O U T F I T :

Ruffle sleeve crop top  |  Missguided via Nordstroms
High waisted black shorts  |  H&M
Garter lace choker  |  H&M
Brittany zip front boots  |  Public Desire
Circle earrings  |  Bloomingdales
On Lips  :  "Monday"  |  Colourpop


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