"In Anon We Trust: A Social Satire"

2:19 AM

"In Anon We Trust: A Social Satire"
Rough sketch
Letter paper, ballpoint pen ink, sharpie
02. 03. 17

One of my new year's resolutions was to draw more and create more art for the sake of creating. Most times, the things I draw reflect the feelings felt during that time, as most art do, and this was inspired by all the people who did "it" for the fame. 
The people who do it to play the game.
They say you get what you pay for, but what really is it that you're fraying for? 
There's a price for fame and there's a price to play the game. 
So what's your price?
 The smoking gun's in the numbers, but ironically that's the only thing we judge on its most superficial layer. 
Bad habits for bad vices.
An addiction to fictitious valuations that never suffices.

- E. K. -

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