The Angel & Devil On My Shoulders

9:00 AM

   A n g e l   vs   D E M O N : A Conversation   
"You should really run with this idea! I think it'll turn out great!"
"Well, think about all the things you have to prep in order to get to it."
"That's all doable! You just need..."
"..this, this, and so many other things. Do you really think you can do it?"
"Wow, that's a lot of prep work...but the outcome would be so cool!"
"Yeah, when you finally contact this person, get funding for that, etc. etc.. and that's not even a tenth of reaching the end goal!"
"But...the idea--if it comes into fruition--would be a great business!"
"Is that so? Then start it!"
"uhhm.... where do I even begin?...."

Photos by Joyce Ng (@joeys24)

The hardest part of creativity is putting it into action; into something plausible, doable, and feasible.
This past year and even now till this day, I have an ambitious angel on my shoulder and a doubt-fiending devil on the other.
Both at war in my mind at all times.
There are the thinkeres and the do-ers, which are you?

euniquely yours,

(P.S. Happy Valentine's / Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.) Day!!)


O U T F I T :

Waist buckle belt  |  Alexander McQueen via TheRealReal
Platform boots  |  H&M
Wide brim hat  |  Urban Outfitters
Cross earrings  |  Forever 21 (old)
Black cropped turtleneck  |  GSLovesme
Printed coat  |  thrift store
Fur scarf from a cardigan  |  Guess

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