Wood You?

8:00 AM

Time flies by when you're having fun,
and time seems to stop and speed on by when you're doing something you love.

I love doodling, drawing, and making things with my hands. I get lost in it, but never seem to finish each piece. My notebook's filled with unfinished drawings and incomplete thoughts that never achieve its fullest fruition. So it was a pleasant surprise that I finished this metallic sharpie doodle in one sitting! Wearing my new Jord 'Frankiewooden watch that's super lightweight, with a pretty face, losing track of time was never this easy! I love the gold trim around the face that elevates the wooden chain in a chic but fem-masculine way. They go hand-in-hand through the woods with my TIJN wood frame glasses too.
Lightweight, chic, au natural and a bit rustic.
What do you think of the wood trend?

euniquely yours,

(photos by Eunice Kim)


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