7:30 AM

Despite my unusually chinky happy face,
America is in an uproar over the 2016 Presidential Elections.
In a country named "USA - United States of America",
divisiveness and us-vs-them mindset prosper.

Herd mentality,
majority-minority suppression, and I don't mean the racial, ethnic kind.
I mean the kind where the majority viewpoint imposes its beliefs onto the minority view, 
imposing its will for it to join into the herd mental beliefs
because "you're opinions are wrong", when in fact, 
'they just don't matter'.
Negative, hateful talk, 
the primitive bashing,
what will that do besides cease progressing?
Our democracy system is broken, and it's getting thrashed further into dismal nothingness 
by the same people that participated in it!

So enough of the darkness that looms over our brainwashed minds,
how about we take some time to unwind?

So let's talk about SHOES.
I've amassed a pretty good shoe kollection and have summed up my current obsessions, perfect for the fall season. A lot of these are trending like mad but are new modern classics that can go from year to year to year. No lie, these boots were made for slayin'.

H&M shimmery long sleeve crop top  |  FOREVER21 bodychain  |  TOPSHOP coated jeans
ISSEY MIYAKE bao bao prism crossbody bag  |  b&w patterned coat around waist from thrift store

STUART WEITZMAN highland boots  |  ZAFUL bell-sleeve choker top  |  colorblocked tights 
(with @jenrheem at my bday party at The Lash)

As vain and materialistic as this post may seem seen juxtaposed to the real struggle of the country, it's nice to take a break and focus on something that'll make you happy, like new shoes! So shop my current selections below to bring yourself a little peace and joy to get you and America* back on your feet...

and smile :)

*Not applied to America because Lord knows we won't be able to fix that with shoes, but rather applied to your opinion and feelings about America

ZAFUL harness  |  TOPSHOP dress  |  FOREVER21 heels
LOUIS VUITTON sunnies  |  ISSEY MIYAKE bao bao prism crossbody bag

Don't forget to smile and laugh to yourself how silly the world and society is.
If you don't, you'll just drive yourself mad.
So I hope you cheer up and move forward after accepting the election results. Because afterall, life's too short to be unhappy, but long enough to wait out 4 years for another president.
So... Michelle Obama 2020?
Who would you want as our NEXT president?

euniquely yours,
e. k. 

S H O P   S H O E S


S H O P   S I M I L A R   L O O K S

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