Later Nerds

3:00 PM

No matter what happens once the final election results come in, I'll be donning my favorite, bold-and-loud oversized jacket that proclaims the inner darkness of my black soul:
"I hate everyone"
which, admit it, is something you've whispered to yourself while driving on the day everyone besides you have gotten the memo that it's cut-you-off-in-traffic day. Knowing that the fate of my country rests on the "lesser of two evils" 

That's when I say,
"I'm leaving the country. Peace out. Later Nerds"

euniquely yours,
e. k. 


O U T F I T :

White blouse stand collar blouse // Uniqlo
I Hate Everyone Army Jacket // Jac Vanek
Later Nerds iron on patch // Jac Vanek
Quay Sunglasses
Platform boots // H&M (old)
Vibrant Miu jeans

Photo by Abis (@farcrystudioz)

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