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This is my first post of my Asia trip and it interesting ;)

The first leg of my 4-part Asia trip was in South Korea--the motherland--and time flew by so fast! I have sooo much new content to share with you guys, but first, I'll jump a little ahead to showcase one of the most interesting places I've been to so far. The 1.5 leg of our trip was in Jeju Island, an island province of Korea, that's similar to what Hawaii is to the States. Luckily, the full day we had there featured gorgeous, warm weather that made it perfect to go view the provocative Jeju Love Land museum. The land features various sculptures and artworks from Seoul's Hongik University graduates, and is the first of its kind in all of Korea. Since its opening in 2004, this unique collection of erotic artwork has entertained many with its humorous and sexual innuendos for only 9000 (which is approximately equivalent to $9 USD)! The interactive sculptures like the ones titled "Turn Me On" (as seen in the gif above) was creative, giggle-inducing, and really funny to work at. I didn't get to take a lot of photos because I captured most of it through video, which will be featured in my upcoming travel videos on my Youtube channel, so make sure to subscribe to my channel here! 

Now onto my outfit, since I'm traveling to 4 different countries, I didn't get to pack as many outfits as I would have wished, so packing versatile essentials was--needless to say--essential. The outfit featured in this post has all of the essentials in one look! One of such essential necessities was this denim jacket by Romwe (I'm actually wearing it right now as I'm typing up this blog entry at the airport waiting to depart onto leg 3 of my trip!) The perfect slightly oversized fit with the perfect denim shade makes it so easy to wear and incorporate into various outfits. It's light enough to be worn or tied around the waist on a hot day, but warm enough to give you some insulation in AC-blasted rooms and plane rides. Another essential seen in this look is this Zaful sleeveless sweater crop top that you may have seen on my Instagram posts. It's SO versatile and goes with everything! I've even layered it several times over my cropped turtleneck long sleeve tops, which really elevates the top and also creates many different looks in itself! Yet another reason why and how it's become an essential travel outfit item.

For me, it's all about getting the most bang for your buck, even if it doesn't translate literally into buck$. I'm all about utilizing items to its fullest potential in terms of style and being able to create many different looks with only a handful of items, especially since I always overpack and overpay for luggage >.<
Moving onto my next essentials would be my NEW Goyard reversible tote I received for my birthday present and my trusty platform boots that have survived not one, but TWO Coachella festivals AND one Lightning in a Bottle festival. These boots have become my go-to shoes for literally everything. They're a bit on the heavy side so I wear them when I get on the plane to cut down on luggage weight, but is comfortable enough to wear out when I need to walk miles around the city, which is what I did at Jeju AND all around Korea. And to think they were less than $20 from H& Talk about a great find!

When traveling, pack versatile essentials that can be incorporated into various outfits and that can be stylized in many different ways. Layering is key, so don't forget to factor in the weather! Going from colder climated Korea to the warm bay of Vietnam requires different types of outfits, so utilizing a handful of pieces to its fullest potential is what'll make or break your fashion survival throughout your travels.

As an update on my travel, I know it's been a long minute since I've blogged on here, but I've been so busy living each day in a foreign land and relishing each moment as much as I can that I haven't been on my computer much. I, however, have been relentlessly capturing all moments with my camera in hopes of creating MANY MANY videos for you guys! So stay tuned for that ;)

For all your future wardrobe essentials, make sure to check out Romwe and Zaful!
They have SOOOO many great styles for an incredible price that's super budget friendly so that you can save up funds for your next trip! I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with them and have been using their clothes throughout my trip and have easily become essentials in my wardrobe closet even back at home! Check out the links below to shop my outfit and let me know what you think of this erotic Love Land post!

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O U T F I T :

Blue lapel button ripped denim jacket // Romwe
Sleeveless v-neck sweater // Zaful
Nude pink mirrored sunnies (A406) // ZeroUV
Platform boots // H&M (old)
Reversible large tote in red // Goyard
High-waisted shorts // Forever21 (old)
Lariat necklace // Art Box Jewel

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