Finding Inspiration in the Simple Things

8:00 AM

Finding inspiration in the simple things
can at times feel like finding a wooden needle in a haystack.
It seems simple enough,
yet is daunting when your mind's blocked with haze and distractions.

Which is why it's been vital to have versatile basics and essentials,
or simply put...the essential basics.

I mean, you gotta love what great basics can do for your wardrobe. I know it seems like most of my latest posts seem to be all about basics but I cannot stress it enough! Essentials that can be used in various ways to create completely different outfits can make a handful of items look like a hundred outfits, which comes in handy when you're limited to 20kg for your luggage when traveling. Luckily, Zaful's got great basics that'll give you more bang for your buck. I also recently acquired this lace bralette from Target that's SO GOOD and SO FLATTERING that I bought it in all of its colors (in peach, gray, and black)! I love how the lace peeks out from under this slinky crop top and it pushes my less-endowed chest together, because we all know, I need all the help I can get! And I gotta mention that the bralettes are only $13! What. A. Steal.

I've also been donning looser jeans rather than my usual skinnies these days, so when I scored these Free People jeans on sale at Bloomingdales, I was relieved to find that they're so lovable! Albeit I had to get these tailored to fit tighter around the waist, but all the more worth it! They're so comfy and loose in all the right places. Sure they look plain and regular, but are extremely conformable into any look, which is what I mainly look for when I shop around. It's all about finding inspiration from the simple things in life! Even open framed sculptures and a light-filled outdoor hallway.

What do you find most inspiring and simple in your life today?

P.S. Happy Halloween!!

euniquely yours,
e. k. 


Photos by Delano Fields (@delanofields)


O U T F I T :
Rock denim jasper jean in harb // Free People via Bloomingdales
Strap mule slides // Forever21 (old)
Moschino Couture backpack (sold out)
DIY velvet tie choker
Cami lippie stix on lips // Colourpop

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