Backpacking in Moschino

6:00 AM

Every person's got a trusty backpack to fill up with all the necessities.
For me, I've got this Moschino couture backpack. Practical and fashionable. 
I scored this on on Cyber Monday/Black Friday last year. 
So. Frickin. Clutch.
Not literally since it's clearly a backpack and not a clutch...but you get what I mean ;) If you've been following me on Instagram for a while, you may have seen this backpack make its cameo many many times. I take it everywhere when I need to carry all my things with me.

It's the perfect knapsack to store all my essentials, 
for when I wander off to potential destination locations. 
It's my trusty, handy-dandy companion, 
that doesn't whine about all the stuff I'm carryin'. 
Blingin' in gold and black,
two of my favorite colors that my wardrobe never lacks.
When I'm on the go,
or on the run,
off to places to experience what's never been done.
I slip the strap on and got much mobility
enough to disturb my physical stability.
So I trip and fall,
but more like fall in love
and start seeing stars and hearts,
or maybe I just ran into this wall.

- Euniquely yours, E.K.

Photos by Abis Akolawala (@farcrystudioz)

O U T F I T :
Stand collar blouse // Uniqlo
Vibrant Miu distressed high-waisted jeans
Double buckle belt (received as gift / brand unknown)
Moschino Couture lettering nylon backpack // Matches Fashion (discontinued seasonal piece)
Platform oxfords // H&M
Silver hoop earrings // Topshop


S H O P   T H E   L O O K! :

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