When A Fire Starts To Burn

6:00 AM

I caught the feels like an ember catches into wildfire.
The fire...

'Cause once it starts to burn,
and the flames start to spread,
it breathes life fanned by the gusts of emotion,
something you can't helped but be consumed by.

The wind caresses your hair,
the gentle touch of your lover,
fingers lace through each strand,
the inferno too hot to stand

Now the temperature elevates in the room,
Impulses hard to control?
Throw off some shoulder 
ain't nothing cold about it.

Because when the spark starts to burn,
and the fire proliferates
quite the opposite happens,
and it's actually getting hot in...


*cue Nelly

I felt inspired by the smoke clouds that filled our atmosphere from the recent wildfires in California and by Disclosure's "When A Fire Starts To Burn" that's just so fitting. So I then wanted to create a poem that's meant to go along the same beat as the song, but then oddly enough tangents off into Nelly.


Not the Nelly part.
The tangent part, of course.

But don't act like that second track doesn't make your booty rump-a-dump-dump involuntarily. Goes well with how happily I frolicked and danced in this light and airy off shoulder dress from Zaful. I've been wearing this dress constantly and am obsessed! It's beautiful as the breeze catches the ruffle and  is versatile to be styled in SO MANY WAYS! This time, I styled it with this selenite-infused-ink bandana I scored at one of the booths at Lightning in a Bottle back in May, with this newly acquired snakeskin belt I also scored for a major deal on TheRealReal.com! This bandana shimmers and glows with sunlight just like selenite stones do, and has a beautiful intricate pattern that is stunning and eye-catching. So it's no wonder that when I spotted it out at LiB, it was love at first sight.
Speaking of love...
You guys like the topic of the poem?
It's drawn upon a situation every one's experienced; taking you back to a moment when you felt that fire burning inside you: Hot flashes. Faces flushed red. Heart pounding. Y'all know what I'm talking about. Must I go on?


Off shoulder dress // Zaful
Selenite-ink bandana (similar versions sold here)
Shoe cult trekking boots // Nastygal (sold out, but similar here and here)
Snakeskin waist belt // Mark Cross via TheRealReal (similar here)
ZeroUV sunglasses

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