Loud Waves, Quiet Mind

3:18 AM

How many times do you go to the beach?
I think I go once every month or so. I can't stray too far from it for too long, or I start to feel ungrounded. Do you have a place like that? Do you have a place you like to escape to? Even if it's just for a couple hours?
Do you ever feel stuck in the interminably repetitive routine, going through the motions,
doing the same shit on different weekends?
Are you sick and tired of always being sick and tired?
Hope you don't feel alone, 'cause I'm shipwrecked on the same boat as you.

Let's face it. It's hard to be inspired all the time. I feel like today, people are interested in who's doing what, who's inspiring what, what invention's hot, and what people of thinking/missing/dissing about what. Social media has turned us into unsocial beings, judging others based on how many followers they've amassed, or vilipending others on their genuine efforts to showcase what they can contribute to society. But is that what people even strive for these days? Do we act as being an integral participant of society? Or are we merely just humans doing rather than human being? Do we solely act to save our soul by selling ourselves out to products, brands, people, public image, friends, etc.? What's even real anymore? Are people remotely close to being real at all?

Nothing triggered this post. No haters have left me esteem-crushing letters, nor have I heard backtalk conversation that induced this rant. I'm just sick and tired of always being sick and tired. Like literally; my immune system has been at its all-time low ever. Is it because I've gotten older? Is it because I stopped going to the gym? Is it because I haven't been taking my vitamins?


So ...

let's go back to the beach.
Where the sun blinds your tired eyes with a sight to cure sore eyes.
The waves breaking,
a movement much like breathing,
with nature's roar
the sound of the waves groping the shore.
As the imperfections in the sand
wipe away the past you can't withstand,
the redness subsides as the cool blue breeze starts gliding across the sky,
then I remind myself that sometimes the quietest, pin-drop-quiet rooms are actually the loudest,
and being next to the biggest waves can--at most times--be the quietest.
Because, you see, when it's dead silent,
your mind takes over and speaks the loudest;
it's thoughts: deafening, vulgar, vociferous
till you're in a state of mental rigor mortis.

So I come back to this moment whenever I need to stop time and my mind,
and to remember how it feels like to be a human being,
rather than being a human doing who's always doing "just fine".

Euniquely yours,

Photos by Abis (@farcrystudioz)

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Dot short sleeve blouse // Topshop
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Platform oxfords // H&M
Antler navy cabochon ring // House of Harlow 1960 via The Trend Boutique
Marc by Marc Jacobs white sunglasses
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