Random Doodles #TBT

3:35 PM

One thing I miss the most about being in school is doodling.
Here is my kollection of previous works done while listening to boring lectures:

On the third photo, please disregard the misspelling of Gloria Steinem's name.
As for the last photo, it was taken during my recent flight to Cabo and edited in Photoshop. Despite the gloomy weather and windy turbulence, the sky-filled sky was a sight for sore eyes.

Since the whole purpose of this blog is to be a Kollection of the EKlectic sort, I want to start featuring my graphic design background in hopes to inspire creativity within you guys, but mostly in myself. It's been a struggle to stay motivated, inspired, and ambitious these days, so in this endeavor for self-actualization. Hope you enjoy the ride.

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