Dot Dot Dot ...

3:17 AM

Photos by Abis Akolawala (@farcrystudioz)

Dot Dot Dot ...
...I forgot to take out my scrunchie for the shoot...

But hot damn, do I love California!
I love the LA weather,
the golden sunsets,
the creative atmosphere,
and most importantly, the people,
despite all the crazy road ragers and just...everybody in general...
I find myself loving it all whenever I watch the beautiful sunset.
There's something about the beach that I find myself helplessly attracted to.

Speaking of attraction...
What do you lose yourself in?
What, for you, makes time both pass by in a flash and stand still at the same time?
What am I talking about as I'm writing this post at an ungodly hour?
Let me know in the comments below

Circle print short sleeve blouse // Topshop
Oversized blazer // Topshop
Distressed knee jeans // Vibrant Miu
Platform oxfords // H&M (similar here & here)
Silver hoop earrings // Topshop (similar here & here)
House of Harlow 1960 Antler Ring in round navy cabuchon // The Trend Boutique
Marc Jacobs cat eye sunglasses

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