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Photos by Kimly Mean (@kimlymean

Hole-punched top and a polka dot scarf that match like a rhyme,
black-on-black, a fail-proof attire,
something I wear all the time,
Wide leg pants to make them legs look longer and higher,
a tailored fit that was much required.
But there's a hole in your theory,
or maybe it's the (w)hole theme that makes it necessary
to see the thing as a whole
despite all the holes
but isn't that contradictory? 
Or am I just rambling on unnecessarily? 
- E.K.

Photos by Kimly Mean (@kimlymean

I love what these wide leg pants from Tobi do for my short frame. I got these pants altered on the waistline and the length, which was well-worth spending that extra bit to get the perfect fit! Because I mean... 
When things fit you perfectly, it really makes the ENTIRE outfit. I love how the length allows my heels to peek through and I love how the fabric elegantly swishes around my ankles as I walk. Now this Alexander Wang top tho...Hole-y moly am I in love with it! Circle circle, dot dot, can you spot the theme of this ascot? This hole-punched top was the perfect match for my polka dot scarf (as seen in this previous post). Plus, you can never go wrong with a monochromatic outfit. Black-on-black, like I've said before, I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color.

Now, an update on the Eunique Life.
I've started doing more personal styling/shopping for various male clients which has been awesome! I love shopping and shopping for others come naturally, so it's great to do something I love doing and have fun with it, all the while making someone look and feel better about themselves. My clients always tell me "Wow, I would have never thought to buy clothes like this!" and I just say "Why not? You never know what look you can pull off if you don't try it out!" 
Like yesterday when I styled a photoshoot for Panchi, an up and coming EDM DJ duo, for their debut album (coming soon), I pulled pieces from Topman and Golden Denim that they would never pick out themselves or even bother to try on. However, after seeing how I put it all together, they ended up loving the looks I coordinated and even started feeling more confident about their debut, their image, and ultimately how they view themselves. I found it extremely rewarding to go through the process of hand-selecting the styles, coordinating looks with two subjects, and seeing it come to life when the shoot starts. Even the busyness of running back and forth, carrying clothes over your shoulders, fixing wardrobe flaws, and working that set life is exhilarating, satisfying, and I'm glad to be able to do what I love doing.

So the moral of the story?
– Never say you can't pull off a certain look unless you've tried at it more than 10 times
– Tailor your pants to fit if needed
– Do what you love doing
– You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit

Have a great weekend!

O U T F I T :
Circular hole jacquard tank top // T by Alexander Wang via Barneys New York
Strap Mules // Forever21 (similar herehere, & here)
Miansai Men's Antique Anchor Leather Bracelet // Miansai via Barneys New York
Polka dot handkerchief (similar herehere)
Leather zip moto jacket // Zara (similar here)
White faux-croc crossbody bag // H&M (sold out, similar one here and here)

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