Hey Mickey

5:30 AM

Photos by Kimly Mean (@kimlymean

Hey Mickey,
you're so fine.
You're so fine
you blow my mind.

Photos by Kimly Mean (@kimlymean

Nothing like a throwback Thursday movie quote with some vintage tees and platform booties. 
I've been on that thrift-hunt and scored some majorly awesome finds from Sunday's Best Thrift Apparel in Echo Park. One of which, was this Mickey Mouse tee that I bought for $5! Since it looked a tad boring just as itself, I tried dabbling with the art of distressing tees. 
This was actually my first time ever distressing a shirt, but tried to do my best in terms of hole placement and how to work the damn scissors to make the type of cuts I wanted. It didn't turn out 100% the way I desired it to, but still satisfied me at a decent 78%. It may just be my bias, but I kinda like the way it turned out. It's flawed in every way, just like me, but it works as a cohesive hole (see what I did there?). Plus it screams out that vintage-y, one-of-a-kind, IDGAF tee. 

While I was out looking for mens wardrobe styles for my clients, I've come across this awesome WRLDWIDE jacket at Topman that was too good to pass. Plus, it makes me think of Pitbull saying in his trademark voice, "Mr Worldwide," every time I see those bold red letters and honestly makes me feel like a B0$$...just for a sec tho... Luckily Topman's sizing in XS is perfect as a women's large so this oversized fit was the perfect size for this petite lady. The matching white and red color palette was paired with black (no surprise there), in my trusty H&M platform boots (that I've survived 2 Coachellas and 1 Lightning in a Bottle festival in) and my other trusty wardrobe staple D9 Reserve XOVER Drippy Snapback. 

Did you happen to notice the disappearing and reappearing act of my joggers? I wanted to show the versatile ways on how you can style this oversized tee look. 
1. Wear sans-pants! 
If your shirt is long enough to become a mini shirt dress, wear without pants! It's summer and ain't nobody got time or the heat-exhausting energy to be wearing tightass pants in the hot summer. If it's too short though, let's practice some modesty and wear your shortest pair of shorts under (*contradictory satire intended). 
2. Tuck in your oversized shirt for a figure-defining shape, but make sure to wear loose pants like boyfriend jeans or like these joggers so that your pants will have enough room to accommodate the extra fabric. Sounds like common sense, but you'll thank me later when you're trying to make "it work" in your tightest skinny jeans. Don't do it unless it's got a short length
3. Untuck and let everything hang loose in your favorite leggings/joggers/sweat pants for those days when you're with messy hair, chillin with no make up on, and don't want to deal with anyone or anything. Except a bottle of wine or a tub of ice cream. Right? Cuz no matter what your Instagram feed looks like, we ALL have those days.
Ya feel me?

I digress...
Check out Sunday's Best Thrift Apparel in Echo Park (LA, CA)
when you need to go some pop tags!
And don't be afraid to take it that extra step and customize it to make it eunique
(see what I did there?)

Also, it's summer and time to get those pool parties and grill BBQs going! I'm super excited to celebrate July 4th with fireworks, scrumptious food, great company, and did I mention pyrotastic fireworks?!?! :D
I hope you celebrate your holidays responsibly and have blasty blast (literally) with sparks in the sky! Obviously, I've got lots I'm anxiously awaiting, but how about you? What are you looking forward to the most this long weekend?

Happy Independence Day!

O U T F I T :
Vintage Mickey Mouse Tee // discovered at Sunday's Best Thrift Apparel
Zipper Joggers // Zara (similar here and here)
Black choker // Amazon
Platform Boots // H&M
Sheer black long socks (similar here, here, and here)
Silver hoop earrings // Topshop (love this take on hoops here)

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