Trippin' & Fallin' in My Dancing Shoes

5:48 AM

Tying my shoe so that 
I can't trip
and fall for you.
Since the last time I've been screwed
too soon by what I thought was true.

 (scroll through to the end for the rest!)

Photos by Ryan Chua (@ryanbyryanchua)

Tying my shoe so that 
I can't trip
and fall for you.
Since the last time I've been screwed
too soon by what I thought was true.

I packed up my things,
in a knapsack filled with everything
I need to get as far away from you
to dance by myself
in my furry platform shoes.

So please excuse me,
as I gallop on the one's and two's.
Left foot, right foot,
F**k you, I'm pushin on through.

- E.K.

Special mentions:
Shout out to Fyuse and Studio 5A for the wonderful mixer event where Ryan and I shot these photos! It's always great meeting new people in the industry and am glad to have been a part of it and see talented individuals come together to share their passions. Cheers to all the new friends we've made and to the friendly faces that I can call friends.
Also....I know that the zipper on my jacket is creeped up halfway and does bother me too..but unfortunately like everything else in life, I'm not perfect and neither is my jacket. Sorry if that makes your OCD go crazy lol! And as I think of it...I'm wearing 2 of the same things as my last post. Haha! and for that...#sorrynotsorry. I'm in love with these Jeffrey Campbell platform mary janes!! They literally go with EVERYTHING!

Another special mention goes out to all my followers that visit me on this blog. I'm not the most affectionate person and it shows in my online presence, so when I say THANK YOU to all of you, I genuinely mean it. You guys are awesome and I'm sorry if I suck at replying to your comments on Instagram. I'm one of those people who take forever to respond on text because I'll read it, reply to it in my head, but forget to actually send it out >.< Anyone else have that problem?

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Have a great weekend!

Euniquely yours,

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