Dabbing with the Untuckin' Believable

5:00 AM

Dabbing with the untuckin' believable...

 Photos by John Garduno (@johngarduno_)

Thought I'd dabble with the whole half-untucked-shirt trend, and realized after we took these photos that I should have just tucked in the whole thing. But where's the fun in being so proper and prim? After all, with a name like "Eunique", how could one veer away from being different; from trying something different? Fashion's about taking risks and I took one with this outfit and I ain't even mad about it. At first, I detested the asymmetric, uneven tuck, but like some of Kanye West's songs, it started growing on me. I guess it's because this look exemplifies my personality to a certain degree, in a "she-cleans-up-nice...sorta" kind of way. Also...these shoes. I've featured it in ALL of my most recent posts. I know it's overkill but it's just SO GOOD and it goes with EVERYTHING! So whether you hate it or love it, I'm just gonna dab on out of here. 

Update on my vacation in Cabo San Lucas:
- The weather sucked
- Not chillin with the chilly 15-35 mph winds
- Clouds blocked the sun for days (literally)
- Ratchet spring break kids making me feel FOMO
- Did not get to work on my tan (see above)

- Cloudy sunset was beautiful
- The seafood here is BOMB.COM
- Locals here are so welcoming and awesome
- Got to test out my new Sony a5000 camera (and will hopefully get a video soon!)

Lastly, spending this time with my family is priceless, no matter how frustrating things may get. I love them to death and am glad to have created so many memories.
...but on the real tho....
I can't wait to get away from them and go home to my cats 'cause no matter how much I love them, they find a way to drive me insane. Anyone feel me on this? 

O U T F I T :
Cotton button up blouse // Uniqlo
Vintage flower scarf
Fur vested coat // Topshop
Jeans from Korea
Naya Furry Platform Sandals // Jeffrey Campbell via Nordstrom

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