Current Jams

3:38 AM

Been recently jamming to these goodies and thought I'd share the top shelf goodies of my music kollection (aka my soundcloud account). So enjoy and I hope your Monday starts off a bit better with a little pep in your step with your day's soundtrack:

And I'm off to Cabo San Lucas for a mini vacay with the fam bam! That's why I'm here writing this blog post as I edit photos for my next blog post at 3:30 AM.
Gotta leave for the airport in an hour and then I'm off to Cabo San Lucas! If you have any suggestions on lowkey spots to hit up or check out, PLEASEEE let me know on Instagram! I would love to know of all the local non-touristy hot spots!

And make sure to stay tuned on Snapchat (@euniquek) to follow the adventure!

See you from the other side of the border!

Euniquely yours,


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