Color Theory

6:00 AM

Let's test a theory, shall we?

 Photos by John Garduno (@johngarduno_

Let's test out a theory, shall we?
Let's look into what attracts us to certain beliefs.

What makes the world turn?
For what does your heart yearn?
Does color excite you?
Or does the absence of it entice you?

Blackness, darkness
seen as lifeless when surrounded by brightness .
Theory of light suggests black is the combination of all colors,
but why does it do better than multi colors?

Einstein's Theory of Relativity suggests time and space is relative to gravity.
But in this case, relativity is a whole topic in itself entirely!
Because you see, black is the absorption of color,
which is why it's so great to wear as a turtleneck collar.

Relativity is based on perspective obscurities
that fluctuate when you mediate
A colorful wall to captivate your eye,
and a black-on-black ensemble to please and amplify. 


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