A Bow, A Trench, and A Pair of Moondust Socks

10:19 PM

Photos by Luis Trujillo (@pactography)

A Bow,
A Trench,
and a Pair of Moondust Socks.
Read how that all ties in together after the jump below...

 Photos by Luis Trujillo (@pactography)

An archer gets lost in the woods amidst a long travel down south where the fresh game meat were believed to be. Like an aloof cub in a pack, he becomes lost as the sun loses itself into nightfall. He ties up his bow and sets up camp in a trench for the night. He finds solace in solitude. Eyelids become heavy while he falls into a tired trance. He spots a glimmer in the distance. 

He stirs awake, barely escaping the grasps of Sleep. A sparkle in the distance like full moon reflecting off a restless lake. He goes towards the light and finds a selenite stone shining the lunar light directly above; a guardian angel. He reaches his hand towards the glowing crystal and finds himself immersed in light.

There's confusion and what feels like his head being warped into different time zones. And when he finally came to consciousness, he had on a glowing pair of socks made with moondust and sparkles. When he looked up, he met a peculiar couple of unicorns that promised an adventure to Candy Mountain where then they... 

(Find out what happens next here!)

- short story written by E.K.

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