Random Thought of the Night

12:13 AM

I wish I had the superpower ability to clone myself.
Imagine all the things I would get done! I would be able to shoot for my blog without coordinating with a photographer and I can work while my other badd self blogs! But most importantly, think of all the places I can travel to at any moment's notice without worrying about getting kidnapped or needing backup in a foreign place. Random thought that came into mind as I read my spam mails promoting cheap airfare... but it really makes you wonder, 'If only, if only...'

P.S. it sucks that in this day and age, I'm still scared as a woman to travel alone. It's a scary world out there and I tend to have my bouts of dumb luck. Now you get why I want cloning superpowers, right?
Or better yet,
What kind of super power would you want? 
(You only get to choose one, and make a valid argument as to why. 


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