Blank Slate

9:03 AM

New year, 
new you
but no one knew
that the thought would make you so blue.

A blank slate
for your past to migrate,
as your ego mutates
with all the things that put on weight.

Goals set
without knowing your assets.
Instead of  "How do I become wiser?"
you say, "I'm over it. 
What's next? 
I need something better."

So you say you'll go to the gym more,
you'll be generous with the poor,
when instead the real poverty lies in your heart,
in the way you see yourself in the mirror
before you head for the door. 

Bad habits are assessed
as the idea of a new you makes you obsess.
A blank slate as white as snow,
how you got that mystery stain, we'll never know.
- E.K.

Happy New Year! 
It's been a while since I've updated the blog, and there's so much that's happened since we've last met! With the new job, the holidays, and all the fun in between, the past couple months have been busy but crazy fun. Sometimes, life gets in the way of things (like this blog), but was necessary in reminding me that real time spent with your loved ones trumps trying to live your life online. I've been spending a lot of time with my family and I think that this holiday season was the best one yet! It's amazing when you finally hit that stage where you and your parents can get along like friends. My relationship with my family hasn't always been the greatest. There were lots of times I wished that things could start over with a blank slate, but as I grow older and somewhat wiser, I realize that your relationship with your family is a lot like cooking with wine. It's all the nitty gritty remnants of the past burns, that ultimately--once deglazed with wine--enhances the flavor of your relationship while cleaning it from what holds you being stuck onto the bottom of the pan (see: deglazing).

...but I digress...

We all seek out a blank slate and New Year's is always the time to do so. This year, I wrote down my resolutions down and intend on trying to make myself better rather than wanting better. So to show this never-ending, self-assessing, inner turmoil, I wore an outfit that shows just the opposite of that:

with a little bit of oomph.
My version of a blank slate, 
but what is yours? 

Do you start off the year with your own version of a blank slate? What type of New Years resolutions have you made? Do you even bother to make any or do you think it's a self-fulfilling prophecy to disappointment? What are you best methods for sticking to those resolutions? 
And most importantly...
what is your best method to keeping an all-white outfit mystery-stain-free?
Leave your thoughts where there ain't no T.H.O.T.s (aka the comments)

xoxo EuniK

Shop the look:
Luna Blouse // Kaii
White denim jeans // Pacsun
Confidence Sandal // Steve Madden via Zooshoo
ZeroUV sunglasses
Michael Kors watch
Forever21 bag
Gold handchain

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