City Chic

6:00 AM

City chic, city chick.
Cityscape, fire escape.
Just some things
that'll make you feel some type of way today.

Now sway with me this way,
n' move with me that way.
Make me thrill
as time stands still.

Stand amongst giants,
while I chill here sighing,
with a sense of relief,
(if you could believe)
the sight in front of me,
(as you will soon see)

let it go
we go.
Let things soar.

Like the forgotten dreams
broken by reality at its seams
Right, left, you shake your head,
as you wake in bed.
Look out to see the beautiful sunset
and you lose yourself again.

Up, down, 
a world below,
let's go.

Photos by Ryan Chua (@ryanbyryanchua)

How amazing is this view of the DTLA skyline?! With the romantic hues of a summery sunset and the glimmering reflections of the skyline, this city chic nude was the perfect look to match this flawless backdrop. Ryan and I shot this look at the Fyuse X Studio 5A Mixer event, where I was awestruck when I got to see this rooftop view. Shout out to Ryan, Fyuse, and Studio 5A for the great event!

For this look, I kept accessories simple with dainty bracelets and rings so that the focus shifts onto this gorgeous top from Lucca Couture and my curled hair. I trimmed and layered my hair recently, so it's shorter and symmetric (goodbye A-symm A-line), which has been inspiring me to do more with it. But don't get used to it. I'm super low maintenance when it comes to hair, so this is done once in a blue moon. Good thing I did it for these photos because *hands up emoji* this look wouldn't be the same without it. So now as LA has transitioning into real fall weather, I bid adieu to summer, shorts, and open-toed shoes, and say hello to fall layers, which I am pretty excited about!

I can't wait to start wearing all my outerwear again! Despite all the bulk, I kind of missed experimenting with different pieces of my wardrobe, and can't wait to start piecing together eunique looks :)  
Can't forget about all the holidays coming up this season too! Wow...I can't believe it's November already!!! Like did the year zoom past so quickly? I felt like it was summer just yesterday...and now it's almost Thanksgiving time! 
What are you most excited about this season whether it be holidays or fashion? 

Shop the look below:

Top: Chiffon Halter Top // Lucca Couture
Bottom: High waisted shorts // Forever21
Bag: Structured bag // old
Shoes: Nude peep toe zip wide heel // Shoemint
Eyewear: Round sunnies // Sunglass Spot
Bracelets: Forever21

xoxo EuniK

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