"Vegas. Hotel. Pajama." (A Short Story)

5:00 AM

Wake up.
What time is it?
3 AM
I'm so thirsty...Am I...am I still drunk? Or...is my hangover already setting in?
Everyone's still bustling about the room. It's a miracle she even got 8 minutes of sleep.
Great. There's no water. Guess I'll go downstairs...

Beeline to the lobby bar.
Can I get a cup of ice water?
'Anything else?'
(hesitates) ... aaand an ice cold IPA too, please.
After all, you know what they say: The best way to cure a hangover is to drink more.
And you know what's another thing they say? : 'Do as the Romans do".

Strutting through the casino floor in her Birkenstocks, she checks out the tables.
Oohh, only $10 min for Craps? 
Eyes shimmer like Vegas showlights.
She smirks.
I'm game.

She sets her beer down and pulls out the usuals:
ID, players card, and crumpled up $100 bills from her high-waisted shorts,
that barely peaked under what looked like a pajama shirt dress.

Chips clap against one another.
Stack 'em up,
line 'em up.
"Come onnnnnn, shooter!!"

As the other players glance at her, hoping for their Lady Luck,
she fixates on the jewel-like die.
Give me a 6, an 8, even 11, hell, as long as it ain't a 7!

So the night goes on till the money is gone, then
you win back some and you're not sure of what has become.
Go outside and see the sun rise.
What time is it?
It's 6:05.

- E. K.


I shot this look in Vegas with John during WWDMagic who showed me this spot that was absolutely PERFECT for this look! So I preface this post with a short fictional, but based-on-true-events story to set the tone for this ensemble.

Imagine after a long night out, you come back to your hotel room, kick off those heels, strip down to the essentials and throw on something that'll allow every bit of your skin to finally breathe. Like this shirt dress from Miley + Molly that was just the right piece I needed for this trip. Made with breathable fabric, it allowed me to sleep in it comfortably, look effortlessly chic in whatever way I styled it, and come on, do I need to say it again? This top with this background: *hands up emoji*.

Since this top is a bit sheer, I wore these high-waisted shorts to cover the nether regions and to also elongate my legs by accentuating the waistline because a short, petite girl needs all the help she can get, especially when she's wearing flat shoes like Birkenstocks.
When I need to make quick missions for ice water at odd hours or need an after-hours outfit, this would be the outfit I would be caught sleepy-eyed in.
It's a bit quirky, a bit refined, and a whole lot eunique no matter what the hour or location.

What do you like to wear when you hit that DGAF-I-Just-Want-Comfy mode?
What is your wackiest or most crazy Vegas story?
Let me know in the comments below!


Top: Striped shirt blouse dress // Miley+Molly
Bottoms: High waisted shorts // Forever21
Shoes: Birkenstock Sandals
Silver pendant necklace

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