Write Our Names on a Tree & Lie to Me That We'll Be Forever

9:00 AM

Write our names on a tree
immortalized for the time being.
Let's carve out our initials
superficial credentials
like the false whispers in my ear,
which you thought I'd like to hear,
and tell me that we'll be forever...
...forever nevermore.

I love how something haphazard like randomly coming across this cliched heart on a tree could inspire random poems such as the one above. Being the skeptical, pessimistic romantic that I am, it's no surprise that I had to twist it into something darker and--frankly--not so romantic. But I love how these photos (shot by Luis, colored & edited by me) convey otherwise. Like the old saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. For me, that door was a window of golden opportunity to frolic around like a Hippie (see what I did there?) with the beautiful golden hour welcoming party to escort me into the nighttime darkness. 
Hm, I guess you can say that it's quite ironic how optimistic that interpretation is....

...but I digress...
People prefer happy endings anyway

This casual look is comfy, basic, and a touch chic thanks to the accessories: Some big earrings for a subtle Emeril "BAM!" and hiking booties (not meant for hiking unless it's hiking up skirts) for added flair (another double-up "BAM BAM!"). Trusty basics like this oversized cardigan, my favorite Panthers & Hippies shirt, and versatile high-waisted bottoms are necessary closet staples that can be dressed up in so many different ways, as long as you leave it to the accessories to set the mood and tone without overdoing it.

As the other saying goes: Everything's good in moderation. 
But you know what's not?

Youtube compilation videos,
like the Emeril BAM links I put above.
Watch it right meow.
Trust me. It'll make your Friday just slightly better than it already is.
*Disclaimer: NSSFW. Videos may lead to uncontrollable needs to take a pinch of salt and "BAM" any thing in sight. Viewer discretion is not advised. Videos are NSSFW (Not Super Safe For Work), but safe enough to watch at work. Enjoy responsibly.


Have a great weekend!
xoxo EuniK

Top: Rose Gun Champion // Panthers & Hippies
Bottom: High waisted denim shorts // Forever21 (similar here)
Outerwear: Oversized cardigan // American Apparel
Shoes: Lace up combat booties // Nasty Gal (similar here)
Sunglasses: Barbados Sunglasses // Edge iWear
Earrings: Vintage square earrings // old vintage (similar here and here)

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