"Set My Heart On Fire" - PAWL Music Video // Creative Directing

4:09 PM

About two months ago, I helped create the official music video for Swedish EDM music group, PAWL in this deep house track titled "Set My Heart On Fire". When I first heard the song, I fell in love. I could already envision what the storyline would be, so when I was approached to create a story line for it, I was more than ecstatic! 

Shout out to Luis for inviting me onto this crew as not only creative director, but also the stylist. The actress is wearing a fringe denim jacket and heather grey scoop neck crop top from Beach & Beverly; accessories from my personal collection; sunglasses from ZeroUV; and the actresses's own distressed jeans, fringe bag, and booties.

I had a great time with the crew and *SPOILER ALERT* the fire dancing part makes this video so much more than above and beyond AND come'on...
What's the title of the song? 
"Set My Heart On Fire"?

I had a great time with the crew and had so much fun playing a role in creating this video!
Shout out to the crew:

Creative Director: Eunice Kim (@eunique_kollection)
Director of Photography: Nate Klein @natekleindotcom 
Editor: Kelsey Films @kelseyfilms 
Main Actress: Kassandra Kanaar @kassandrakanaar 
Stylist: Eunice Kim (@eunique_kollection)
Second crew: @ai.visuals @analindam

Here is the Soundcloud track for you to repost & put on repeat all day err day!

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