Chanel N' the Grocery Store

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This is how I do errands.
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This jumpsuit is a heaven-send when it comes to on-the-go deeds like going to the grocery store. I have actually worn this outfit 3x in one week before, and it's my fail-safe ensemble to look chic without all. I wear this hat not because it goes amazingly well with the entire look, but to hide the fact that I didn't tame my bedhead that day. I've already got this accessory combo on lockdown from previous OOTD wears, and love that they're effectively impactful. What do I mean by that? Making an effective impact is selecting key pieces that are simple, doesn't get in the way, but make a subtle statement that really brings the outfit to a whole 'nother level. Like my eyeglasses.

I actually wear glasses all the time (one time before here) and these are my all-time favorite frames from Moscot. Retro, super chic, super flattering, and lightweight, these Rev frames are (for a lack of better words) zee best!!! I'm surprised I don't feature them more often on the blog. I guess it's because I try to put together my best looks to showcase on here, but as in most cases, one's best comes out with it comes out naturally and with minimal effort. Au naturel > Faux.

There's so many reasons why this look was perfect for its seemingly-mismatching locale:
 N° 1. Chanel's FW 2014/2015 Ready to Wear runway show
N° 2. I wear this exact outfit 3 out of 5 times when I go out on errands, esp. the grocery store
N° 3. The quilted texture of this jumpsuit (see closely in last photo) has a sporty-chic look to it, which takes us back to reason 1.
N° 4. I like riding in shopping carts.

Albeit, I don't take my most coveted bag out to the grocery store often, it was nice shooting something with a side story that comes together and make sense in the end. Unfortunately, as I was mounting my noble shopping-cart steed, my bag suffered a minor injury and got a hanging scab. Oh well. No point in crying over spilt milk.

So what did I do?
I filled that baby up with my favorite Korean snackies & treats, and enjoyed a golden sunset capturing these moments with John Garduno, who somehow always manages me to photograph me on some ledge. A cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do, because here's a fact:

All cats love heights ...

... and Chanel.
Don't believe me?
Ask Choupette herself.

xoxo EuniK

Hat: Bowler hat // Topshop
Jumpsuit: Quilted jumpsuit // Miley + Molly
Shoes: Confidence Sandal // Steve Madden via Zooshoo
Glasses: Zev // Moscot 
Cuff c/o from #LxLSpringLunch

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