Refreshing Silky Silk Silk

12:03 PM

Nothing like easy, breezy, silky silk silk to cool down the summer heat;
A white-on-white-on-gold outfit,
feather fedora on fleek.
With gusts of wind & a gorgeous cityscape background,
a flair for the dramatic to leave the haters dumbfound,
and dead.
Jk on that last verse descend
Apologies for the abrupt dead end.

Made with 100% silky silk silk, this Jackie Top from Kaii is a god send for beating the summer heat. I love the sheer inserts at the top that really sets it apart & makes it eunique. And let's be honest, me wearing all-white is yet another prime enactment of Murphy's Law. As of late though, I've noticed a significant improvement of keeping it clean...well, for the most part at least.

To dress up my all-white, I layered on gold and tan accessories to keep it neutral and luxe. I scored this fedora ages ago at Santee Alley (DTLA), and I love how subtle-yet-effective the red feather accent is. But the real statement maker of this outfit are my Red Kiss Passion London flats that I scored at ZooShoo's warehouse sale last year. This is probably the first time I've ever worn flats on the blog... Don't get used to it though. My 5'3" frame needs all the help it can get with platforms and heels. Plus, my love for heels will never die no matter how uncomfortable and painful they may be. Oh, the things we women do for fashion.
Let me get an 'Amen', my sistas!
*hands up emoji*

This outfit was shot when RubyLuis, & I went out on a shooting spree adventure around LA. We intended on shooting a collab look together, but when we came together, our style selections were so different that they clashed way too much...

...except on this rock;
where we looked beyond to our future endeavors, hopes, and dreams,
and saw a world where trivial things like clashing outfits didn't matter.
What we saw beyond the rock was....

And that's what was beautiful about it.
But I don't mean nothingness as in the lack of any substance or accomplishments,
but rather the opposite:

We saw nothingness in the form of a blank slate;
an all-white canvas,
history yet to be written,
obstacles yet to overcome,
and inevitable food stains yet to succumb

...but I digress...

Shop my look below:

Top: Jackie Silk Top // Kaii
Bottoms: White denim shorts // Pacsun (similar here and here)
Shoes: Passion London flats // Red Kiss via ZooShoo
Hat: Feather fedora // Santee Alley, DTLA (similar here and here)
Earrings: Hammered gold square earrings // vintage via my mom

Euniquely yours,

xoxo Eunice

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