Unpolishing the Polished

12:27 PM

Collared shirts buttoned all way up in a form-fitting chokehold, 
classic black blazer that hints at edgy glamour with a subtle sheen,
distressed jeans and my favorite snapback to unpolish a polished look,
and finally, the holy grail of statement bags pulling a clutch move of bringing it all together with the help of baby Jesus *insert praying hands emoji here*.

(Press play for blog post soundtrack)

Sometimes, I like to mix it up and dress like a boy. 
Most times, I like using the art of juxtaposition to create a euniquely balanced outfit. 
Other times, I do both at once.
And on rare occasions, I unintentionally incorporate the concept of contrast to my outfit backdrop as well.

This outfit is so simple that it's almost stupid.
As you may have read in this post here, I like getting inspired by menswear. Something about a guy's 3-piece suit and its simplicity appeals to me. In its own way though, it's complicated as well since they have so little types of styles to work with. So to all you male fashionistos out there, I commend you. *insert clapping emoji here*
To compensate for the fact that it's hardly appropriate to wear a button-up + blazer combo when you're casually galavanting out on the streets, I added my favorite Panthers and Hippies snapback and distressed Vibrant Miu skinnies to tone down the business-formal feel. To be frank, that's my go-to solution for toning down formal wear because my closet is almost all business-casual/formal. You'd be surprised how many times I say to myself, "No, you can't wear that out! Everyone's going to think you came back from a work convention. Hmm...maybe this snapback will help..." I'm not sure why I naturally gravitate toward business-casual outfits since most of the time when I do, I lowkey regret it because I'm almost always overdressed. But what can I say? I'm attracted to guys in suits.

It's true! I mean the part about how I can't stray away from blouses, blazers, and button-ups, and channeling my inner "little-ahjumah (아줌마)" . Surprisingly though, I have no slacks, but that'll change soon enough. And I know you guys are sick of seeing this same snapback since the early days of this blog, but I have only one thing to say to that:

Deal With It
Deal with it.

I love the way these shots came out when I shot with John Garduno (@johngarduno_) on our first shoot together. I love how Instagram unites people that you would otherwise never meet! Then when you do actually meet them, you realize that it's a small world out there. And by out there, I mean the streets of LA. "It's a small world after all."

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Remember that whenever you feel overdressed, throw on something extremely casual to tone it down. You never know if it works or not until you try it out for yourself :)

Stay inspired & connected, my friends. Have a great weekend!

xoxo Eunice

Hat: Right to Heal snapback // Panthers and Hippies
Blazer: Zipper detail satiny blazer // Guess (similar here and here)
Top: Cotton button-up // Uniqlo (similar here)
Bag: Baby Jesus & Mary clutch bag // no name brand (similar here)
Shoes: Nightmare Booties // Y.R.U via Zooshoo (similar here)

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