Thursday's Top Shelf Tunes

4:54 PM

Here are the top shelf, the crème de la crème, the realllll good stuff for this week's tunes.

Big news!

I'm going to be working from home now on a full-time FREELANCE basis so I'm super stoked to be able to stay at home with my kitties!

I'm going to be taking on more projects and doing more freelance work, so if you need a
Graphic designer | Stylist | Creative director | Brand ambassador | Photo editor | Film extra
or any other service I can offer, email me at

I'm ready for the big change and can't wait to see where my life leads to next.
I can't shake this feeling though...

Am I heading in the right direction?
If you have made a life change that lead to the wrong or right direction, I would love your advice on how to adapt to the unknown! Where has your life gone towards after you made your big change? I would love to know!

Stay curious, my friends

xoxo Eunice

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