Faux Undercut Hair by Jasmine Chang

2:13 PM

I wanted to share this amazing hairstyle that was done for me by Jasmine Chang (@jasminechang089).

I contacted Jasmine after I saw her cornrow work on Dumbfoundead/Parker and knew that I had to incorporate that into my hairstyle. Being that I haven't bleached my hair to a crisp like every other blogger out there (not hatin', I'm just sayin'), I like to experiment with my hair that won't permanently ruin it. I like my black noir locks. Maybe that'll change, but let's be honest. I'm lazy AF. I can't deal with touching up my roots every month. Ain't nobody got time or the mula for that.

But I digress...

So Jasmine came over to my apartment, I showed her a Pinterest board of faux undercuts, and she went to work. Unfortunately, my hair's the complete opposite of nappy, which made it extremely difficult for her to cornrow. I naturally have semi-wavy hair, but got my hair permanently straightened when I got my asymmetric haircut. This plus my thick hair strands made it very difficult to keep in place. Luckily, Jasmine's good at what she does, so she made it work with the limited amount of time that we had together. Luckily, Luis and I were able to shoot a couple headshots with this hairstyle to keep it in our internet memory bank forever :)

(Taken at +DesiMakeUp's #Desi1Milli party with my favorite bourbon + ginger ale drink)

She does everything from cut, to color, to event hairstyling.
To book her, contact her on her Youtube channel here.
Trust me when I say that you'll love her AND her work. She was such a pleasure to interact with and she made it a very pleasant experience despite the utter frustration my straight hair was causing her. lol

And this hairstyle makes me feel some kind of way...
like a get-downnn & funky kind of way.
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Stay groovy, my friends

xoxo Eunice

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