Desert Snake

11:47 AM

Slinky stretchy fabric with sly cuts, this backless maxi dress made me feel like a hot desert snake slithering above the rocks, peering over to a massive view only to realize that no matter what I think of myself or of others, I am just a minor portion of space in this massive universe.

As long as I've got my warm summer nights and pastel sunsets to keep me by,
that'll do just fine.

I love vintage finds, but upcycled vintage is even better. I picked this backless dress from Beach & Beverly's unique collection at Swim Like a Mermaid's swimwear shoot that I assisted Luis on. I couldn't help sneaking in a shot or a billion of this amazing dress. Being only 5'3", I stay away from maxi dresses in fear that it'll make me look my actual hight (aka short), but this dress did wonders. There were Seiba bracelets at the shoot, so instead of wearing it for its intended use, I got one of the longer bracelets and tied it around my waist to act as a waist-cinching belt. I use this trick often to accentuate my waistline to make myself look longer. If the rest of your bottom is one tone or one fabric, the best way to make yourself look leaner and taller is to accentuate and bring attention to where your waist starts. I only had my platform H&M boots that were usable for this outfit, but I think it turned out pretty well, especially since I had to climb up big boulders and risk falling over the edge. Good thing my clumsy ass didn't go overboard. Literally.

This shoot was a blast to be at and it was great meeting so many creative individuals that were there to genuinely help each other out to create great work. So I wanted to give a shout out to the people/companies who were inspiring and were a great pleasure to be around (links to shops & IGs below):
Beach and Beverly (Hermosa Beach, CA) @beachandbeverly
Swim Like a Mermaid: (@swimlikeamermaid)
Seiba (@seiba_)
Denim by Orlee (@denimbyorlee)
Luis Trujillo (@pactography)
Sarah, Nicole, Chantel, Orlee

Yesterday was Mother's day so I hope you had a great time spending it with your mothers! I had a great time with my family who got to meet all my babies! It's so great seeing your parents (who once swore they hated all cats) enjoy and coo over my baby Loki. Let the cat-crazy epidemic begin! *insert evil laughter here*

But I digress...

Shop my outfit below!

Stay inspired, my friends

xoxo Eunice

Hat: The Prism Hat // Lack of Colors (love this one here)
Belt: Long braided bracelet used as a belt // Seiba
Dress: Backless Maxi Dress // Beach and Beverly
Shoes: Platform boots // H&M (similar here and here)

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