You're Like A Bad Habit

4:51 PM

Like a bad habit, you suck me in with sweet temptation and get harder to quit with time.
But what's life without its vices?
Everyone's got one. The only thing that differentiates others is just a matter of whether you're comfortable to admit it or not.
So here goes nothing...
True life: I'm addicted to....

 photo eunique-kollection-cat-meow-zerouv-kaii-shopkaii-7forallmankind-7fam-nastygal-chloe-top-fashion-blogger-1.gif

I'm addicted to... cat
and now I got another one.

So make that: "True Life: I'm a crazy cat lady"

Welcome Loki to the Euniquely Catty Family!

My friends found him meowing under their car after we attended the superrrr lowkey (awfully sounds like "Loki") Versus Party at Fais Do Do in LA, where we saw 


Oh, and did I mention that it was a FREE SHOW?!?!?!

Porter was amazing beyond belief. He threw it down with all these different types of genres that was seamlessly orchestrated together. It was an intimate venue that really blew all our expectations and I'm so glad I got that mysterious email and didn't delete it right away!

So after when my friends and I reconvened back at my friend's apartment, the other part of our group walked in shortly after with this baby kitty. I knew right when I set my eyes on him that I was going to take care of him and that he was going to be mine. I've always wanted a tuxedo cat and a male cat at some point, but this little one is a combo of both! He's only 4 weeks old so I have to nurse him like a human baby (i.e. feeding him, burping him, stimulating him to go pee/poo, etc). It's like I have a human baby that I need to take care of! At first, I was mostly worried about how my other cat Chloe, who is 2 years old, will react to the addition. Since cats are territorial, they get extremely catty and don't fuck around when it comes to marking their scent on everything. But Loki, being a small baby that's still wobbling around, was obviously not seen as a threat and now Chloe's playing well with him! 

It truly warms my heart to see both cats excited to find a companion. I've got so much love to give to these little guys! It's going to be insane to see this little kitty turn into a rambunctious mischief maker in a couple months. You should see how much Loki's developed in just 4 days! I'm in love with the Chlo-Chlo, I ain't got it on the Lo-Lo. (Chlo = Chloe; Lo = Loki)

Okay, enough cat crazy talk.
Now, onto my outfit:

(Check out my Old Fashioned Recipe here)

My outfit in a nutshell: Repeat outfit offenders.

I try really hard to not wear this cropped top because it's just too good and simple for its own good (previously seen here). It completes any and every outfit so you'll have to excuse its offending amount of appearances on this blog (#sorrynotsorry). I'm surprised these boyfriend jeans haven't been featured yet. I got them altered and now they fit like a dream and are distressed perfectly. I love how they've layered a white patch underneath the distressed portions. If I had a dollar for every time I exaggerated the holes in my jeans with just one toe, I'd have an impressive sum of mula$$. Last but not least, my go-to piece that chic-ifies any outfit is my Rose with Thorns Moto Jacket from Kaii (seen in this post here). There's no shame in repeating, right? After all, if you paid good money for it, you better use it more than twice.

Always remember: once you go cat you don't go back.
xoxo Eunice

Top: Cecilia Crepe Crop Top // NastyGal
Bottom: Josefina Boyfriend Jeans // 7 For All Mankind
Sunglasses: Oversized Butterfly Shaped Sunglasses // ZeroUV
Jacket: Rose with Thorns Moto Jacket // Kaii
Pin: Fox Pin (sold out) // Timeless Brand

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