Stargate to the City of Stars

1:48 PM

Stargate to the City of Stars,
zap me far beyond, past the boozy bars;
Lines of palm trees neatly cut for nosey noses
on a euphoric high of the year-round summer dosage.

Stargate to the City of Stars,
let me see beyond the clichéd scars;
Screw the walk, the talk, 
the egos, and the façade;
Leave it at the door
with your favorite Instagram whore.

Stargate to the City of Dreams,
where coastlines meet potholes of jaded screams.
Infinite coastlines link to the indefinite pursuit of happiness;
Where dreams go to die or to prosper,
to be the latter 
you'll need a bit of madness.


I miss writing poems. They have always been quirky, demonstrated an odd sense of irony, was is a bit dark (kind of like this outfit), and creates more wrinkles in my cranium. I was inspired to write it because of the Stargate-like hole at this rooftop and how it looked like a window to LA. I've been in a self-reflective phase that's come alongside with motherhood as I'm mothering a baby kitten right now. With the frustration and immense amount of patience required when finding surprise wet spots and tending to an unstoppable meow-effin mess during feeding time, the never ending question of what my existence is meant for is ever-so daunting yet inspiring.

So with this blog, I hope to ultimately develop a eunique voice that'll not only promote the latest trends and products, but to also be a venue for genuine opinions and motivating inspirations. I want to treat this as a forum of ideas and thoughts that reflect the society we live in. I enjoyed the last section of my college Humanities class because that's when I finally realized (after 2 other semesters of the never ending subject) that art is a reflection of the time they were created in. The street art that we see now, they're a reflection of our society. From the way they're painted (i.e. medium, tools, location, etc.), to the subject matter of the piece, they're all reflective of their time which makes it all unique in some form.

In a way, I hope that these outfits that I piece together and ultimately share with the relentless public will not be judged for what it seems to be, but is rather seen beyond its superficial layer and be noted for its efforts and the techniques I've come to fondly enroll as a eunique set of skills. Plus, stats show that people come to fashion blog for photos and not for written content. But for those of you who actually read my banter, I applaud you in making it through a series of word excursions that some of you probably read over twice or even thrice in order to fully understand such long winded and verbose sentences (case in point). And that's okay if you do! Because I do it too (even though it's my own writing)!

In the end, I'm just like you:
a hard working citizen that's hoping for the epic "My whole life has been leading up to this" moment.
There's always the calm before the storm and the deceiving sense of relief in the eye of the storm. I just hope that the sunshine awaiting at the end of it will be well worth the wait and the rollercoaster struggles.

How do you get yourself motivated? What steps do you take to become a better and more productive person? What is one bad habit you cut out of your life to increase productivity? Even if you don't have the answers, I hope that asking yourself those questions will spark something alive in you as it did is doing with me.


xoxo Eunice Kim

(P.S. If you liked the poem at the beginning, let me know in the comments below! Most of the time, I'm not sure of what to write on here when I do posts, but rather than doing the boring "let me talk about my outfit" thing, I wanted to switch it up and do a poem. So if it's okay with you girl, let me smooth talk you with some smoothly weird poems. *insert rapist sloth memes here*)

Dress: Vivienne Velvet Dress // Nasty Gal (sold out, similar here)
Belt: old faux leather waist belt
Hat: Panama Hat // Urban Outfitters (similar here and here)
Sunglasses: Circle sunnies (love these and these too)
Shoes: Nightmare platform booties // Y.R.U via Zooshoo (similar here and here)
Socks: Sheer high socks (similar here and here)

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