Smile More, Frown Less

3:13 PM

Sometimes life leaves you so jaded and so bitter that you forget to smile and dismiss the little things that make us happy. So, I'm on a new quest to do what makes me happier, healthier, and an overall better person; to become someone people naturally gravitate towards because they exude positive energy.
But how do you learn to get past all the bad shit that's happened and ignorantly hope for a better future? The fact that I say "ignorantly hope" just demonstrates how dismal the hope is in itself.

Challenge accepted!
Come at me, bro.

I read in an article that to be a charismatic person, you essentially have to become a positive person that people naturally gravitate towards and truly want to be around. I used to be a nice person. Not that I'm not nice now (because I totally am to my close friends), but after being so jaded from life and having been taken advantage of, I've learned to not be so generous with my kindness to just any body. I used to do all the little things for everyone and genuinely cared for soooo many people that it all got too tiring, too expected, and too susceptible to the disappointments and pain that always ensued.

This change was for the worse and I found myself hating who what I was becoming: a manifestation of all the man-made miseries culminated into a state of motionless, exasperated decay where the only mental state that triumphed over others was the ambivalent feeling of utter apathy and outraged despair.

Sounds pretty dark, doesn't it?
I was getting sick and tired of always being sick and tired, and getting fed up with putting on a fake face and acting like it was genuine.
With social media and Instagram now-a-days where you post only what you want others to perceive, it's easy to put on a fake face and act like my life is so f___kin perfect. But who are we kidding?!
And grappling terms with that is sometimes too much to bear.

We all want the nice clothes, fancy cars, and lavish lifestyles. No harm in wanting that because frankly, that's become the modern American Dream. But in our search to attain this almost-unattainable dream, we lose ourselves and the uniqueness that lives in each and every one of us.

We're all charismatic deep inside.
The thing that differentiates those who really are charismatic vs. those who are not, is our ability to tap into what makes us genuinely unique as individuals without all the fakeass bullshit that we try to embellish and cover it up with.

Being a semi-new blogger on the scene, I see it all too often and honestly question why I blog in the first place:

Am I doing it for the fame? 

Am I doing it for the free steeze?
No, but doesn't hurt if brands offer.

Am I doing it to strive to be a wannabe model?
Hell no. I'm too short & imperfect to be a model anyway.

Am I doing it just for the hell of it?

Then why am I on here ranting on a fashion blog for?
To have a viable voice that people turn to for REALness; Real opinions. Real concepts. REAL thoughts. In the end, I just want my voice to be heard and hope that it'll come to the point where when I make a stance for an issue that REALly matters, people will listen and react to make a positive change in our ever-so f__ked up world.

I once thought that being nice to everyone was a sign of naivety. I once believed that people who are genuinely nice to everyone--people who implement "kill them with kindness" to the fullest degree--are people who don't know better and who will ultimately end up getting scorched by the harsh realities of the world.
But I was wrong.

A genuine smile can go a long way and can even change a person's day completely. Negativity is a contagious SOB, which is why it spreads quickly and with effortless ease. Positive energy, on the other hand, needs more work and twice the power to rid of one negative ion. Have you ever tried cheering up a depressed friend? If you have, you'll notice how it'll take substantially more effort to get them to turn their frown upside down than it would take for you to ruin their mood with one quick sentence.

So whether it's to cheer yourself or your friend up today to get the weekend started, always remember that positive energy is harder to come by and more demanding in effort to create. So do the world and yourself a favor, and smile often. Smiles can be contagious too. You never know whose life it'll change, even if it's for a split second because...

It's always the little things that matter.

(P.S. The smoking photo above was shot using an e-cig vape. Eunique Kollection does not promote the bad habit of smoking tobacco in any form.)

And since it's Friday, check out your weekend tunes below!

Have a positively great weekend!

xoxo, Eunice Kim 

Top: Cutout Bustier Top // 2020AVE (similar here and here)
Vest: Cheri Vest // Kaii
Jewelry: 3-bar layered necklace // PeachMe LA (similar here and here)
Bracelet: Double line cuff //
Jeans: Distressed high-waisted denim shorts // thrifted (similar here)
Shoes: Confidence Sandal // Steve Madden via ZooShoo
Sunglasses: Super round half frame cat eye sunglasses (8920) // ZeroUV (similar here)

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