Menswear-Inspired: Stand Collar Button-Ups

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You know what I reallyyy dig on a guy?
Great style and stand collars buttoned all the way up.

(photo source: Pinterest)

Some people may claim that it makes you look suffocated or feel like it's suffocating with the neckband buttoned up all the way around, but I think there's something sophisticated and versatile with this type of button-up. I've been searching for the perfect stand collar blouse and have had zero luck find any until I checked Sheinside's site, where they had a plethora of various stand collar styles!

I'm a blouse, blazer, and jeans type of girl. I love what a good blouse or blazer does to elevate any outfit no matter how casual or simple it may be. These solid and simple stand collar blouses do just that. They add a casual element due to its flat collars (or lack thereof), but still adds a sophisticated, tailored feel to what would be considered a regular shirt. 

This black half sleeve stand collar blouse is my top pick for stand collar button-ups due to its relaxed yet tailored fit. As you can tell, I have a very specific body and cut in mind. Imagine how hard it is to match up to my high expectations! It literally makes it IMPOSSIBLE to shop at times. But I guess that's a good thing because it's always better to shop smart and not excessively. Nothing's worse than buying a bunch of similar items only to wear them once each, not loving them too much, and storing them into the abyss section of my closet. 
Clothes wasted is money wasted.

How amazing is this semi-sheer stand collar blouse?! I love the sheer chevron embroideries on it that sets this blouse apart from the rest. That taupe color is so chic, versatile, and would look great on various skin tones as the lighter color will help your skin blend in better. I do, however, like the sexiness the black one brings out with its stark contrast with the wearer's underlying skintone. 

(Top row: Demure white chiffon button down blouse • Oasap || Bottom row L to R: Red stand collar leaves print blouse • Sheinside // Milk cow print short sleeve stand collar blouse // Fashionthebox)

Stand collars with fun prints are also a great way to add fun, eccentric colors into a sophisticated ensemble. Just make sure to keep in mind to stay away from horizontal lines or any prints that can make you look wider since the stand collar can shrink the length of your neck.

I love using mens fashion to get a different type of inspiration. And to be frank, menswear is hard! Think of how limited they are with just tops, bottoms, and outerwear! At least for women's fashion, we also get the option of wearing dresses, skirts, lingerie, etc. So it's great to draw inspiration from men fashion where they get creative with what little they've got. It's all about the details, which is why stand collars are so great! So simple, yet so very chic; I'm obsessed. Shop my top stand collar selections in the carousal below!

Also, another recent obsession, this amazing song:

I literally CANNOT believe I missed out on Gesaffelstein's set at Coachella because I was at ODEZSA...ugh...
One word: #regret. I shouldn't have gotten separated from my group :((
If only, IF FRICKIN ONLY, I can relive and REDUX Coachella again this weekend.
If you have an extra ticket that you would love to bless me with, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! :D I know how unlikely it would be for some stranger to hand me a free wristband, but you never know the power of the internet....right?????

Oh well! Regardless, I hope all you Weekend-2-ers have a blast! Don't make the same mistake I did and take lots of photos, save your phone battery, and record lots and lots of memories!

(source: Instagram @eunique_kollection)

Till next time!

xoxo, Eunice Kim 

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