Coachillin' 2015

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Here's my recap of Coachella 2015 Weekend 1.
Are you feeling the FOMO yet?

Hot guy in the burgundy shorts ;)
haha! Sorry, I had to :b
2 of my favorite things in one poster: cats & Kaskade <3

When I returned home from Coachella Weekend 1, I was experiencing #FOMO even though I went.
Why? For various reasons:
1. My phone was dead almost all weekend so I didn't post anything on Instagram while I was actually there
2.  Continuing #1, since my phone was dead I got almost no photos on my phone
3. I lost my group on the last day and didn't get to enjoy Kaskade's set with them, which would have been epicly fun
4. I did not take nearly enough photos by the trademark, borderline-clichéd backdrops around the venue as I should have
5. I literally ran into NO ONE I knew even though a copious amount of people I knew went the same weekend

After the Coachella withdrawals subsided, I reflected back on these post-Coachella emotions and thought to myself, "Why am I feeling so negatively about my experience? Just because it didn't live up to the epic expectations I had prior to going, doesn't mean that it wasn't epic in its own way." Then I got the photos from my Fujifilm Disposable Cameras developed (which took a week because no one does 1hr photos anymore), and I realized all the great memories we made.

Coachella has become a fashion season in itself. It's become so mainstream that people tend to go to be seen rather than to see, and I too have sadly succumbed to that trend. What I realized while being at Coachella (despite how amazing it is that you smell ganja everywhere you go. #nofucksgiven), is that people mind their own business:
"You do you, and I do me"
Despite being pushed through crowds, getting lost in large moving masses of people, and always being on a mission to seek shadey shelter from the hot sun, it was nice to truly be in the moment rather than trying to capture it and post it on social media. As a blogger, I felt the obligation to share my experiences in real-time. I think this, too, is a wrong way to think. Sure, it's good for your  personal brand to keep your followers updated in real-time because essentially that's what Instagram is for, but we tend to lose ourself and lose the moments that quickly pass us by. Most times, we don't catch these moments because we're too glued to our phones. Is that really living? Or is it just a facade of living?

Being that this was my first Coachella ever, I learned how and what to do better next time. Even though camping and showering and everything in general was more difficult, I don't think I would do it any other way. There are a lot of obvious negatives of camping, but I think I might have to do it again because the campground's Silent Disco stage was on point. Where all my deep house lovers at?

I hope that these photos don't induce too much FOMO in you, or even make you fall of the wagon & succumb to those Coachella withdrawals again. As stated earlier, I was upset that I didn't have enough photos on my phone to share. After developing these photos, however, I regret nothing. I love the sentimental value that these film photos have over digital and makes me reminisce for those days when I took a film photography class in Italy. 

Drop your phones once in a while and really relish in the moment. Pictures may last a lifetime, but they're worth nothing without the memories that make those photos truly exceptional.

You do you,

xoxo Eunice

Look 1:
Romper: Palm tree print romper // Miley + Molly
Shoes: Platform boots // H&M

Look 2:
Dress: Backless Strappy Dress // old
Shoes: Canvas Shoes // H&M
Hat: EXGF Society Snapback
Belt & Bracelets: Seiba

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