Snapbacks & Tuesday Tunes

2:19 PM

As you may or may not know as evidenced by my last outfit post, I incorporate snapbacks into my outfits very often. My snapback collection is slowly expanding and I'm hungry for more! It wasn't until recently that I started incorporating streetwear snapbacks into my outfits (remember how I wore it for the first time on here?).

My usual formula goes like this:

Button-up shirt or dressy top + blazer + jeans + boots/heels/sneakers + snapbacks
= business in the streets, & chic in the sheets...?


Either way, snapbacks are an essential closet staple no matter how girly & feminine your closet may be. It's all about the balance, which is why I love snapbacks so much! I love how snapbacks tone down my formal outfits to something more casual and easier to stomach in everyday settings (see below). Plus, for those days when showering seems like a chore and you'd rather not bother, the hat is your solution.

(Pic taken from my IG @eunique_kollection; after a chill night with the Bay area homies)

As shown above, I dressed up according to my formula for a casual-ish night out to Line Hotel in Ktown. Seriously, everyone and their moms go there. One reason why I hate & love it: you go to see people and be seen. Otherwise, paying $12-15 for one old fashioned is not really worth the pushing and waiting by the bar. My inner cat grandma can't even...

This is my all-time favorite hat! This "Right to Heal" snapback says "hippies" on the front and the font of it is on point. From a graphic designer's perspective, it's not only eye-catching and simple, but also very fluid and adaptable. The crew at PnH has done a great job and I wear this with literally EVERYTHING. The black and white color makes it an ideal choice for incorporating into any outfit! I even used it when I styled Vibrant Miu's photoshoot.
Unfortunately, the look that I styled this hat with (which also happens to be my favorite look from the whole entire shoot) cannot be released yet since the product hasn't come out of production.
Sad life...I'll make sure to upload it once I receive word that I can!

(Photo taken from @Judgemental_22's IG)

I got hooked up with a dope hat from Judgemental World in Vegas during WWD Magic/Agenda, when I met up with one of my coworkers who chatting it up with the founder at the Caesar's Palace hotel bar. She told me to check them out and I was in love with the hat at first sight. Unfortunately, these hats are not yet available for purchase, so stay tuned on when they'll be available! The rose emblem is unique and more stunning in person. Despite the bold red color, I find myself being able to match it with various outfits (like in my latest outfit post here).

I've even gotten my sister on that snapback game and find her stealing my hats here and there.
And you can too! Well, not the stealing my hats part, but the snapback-formula part.
So whether you enjoy going all out streetwear-style in snapbacks or mixing & clashing it like I do, shop my top snapback selections below and enjoy your Tuesday Tunes!

"Snapbacks & tattoos,
snapbacks & tuesday tunes,

nice whips, fly chicks
all that cause cats rule"

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