Noir Mystérieux

9:13 AM

Mysterious Black
Noir Mystérieux

I found these old gems on my hard drive that I haven't touched since we shot these ages ago. These are actually test shots from when I helped Luis (@pactography) prep for the shoot for Civil Clothing featuring Lindsay Lohan. Even though I didn't get to go with him to London as a stylist for the shoot, we got some great photos as a result. Plus, he said the lighting test helped him with the shoot!
I call that a double-win
aka win-win.

You know what's also got 2 words?
"Mama likes" & "Meow gusta"

Thriller vibes + dark mystery + platform booties
too many wins to count.
If only we had a black cat on set too....
The wins would be of CATastrophic proportions. (Excuse the bad pun).

See you later in the shadows,

xoxo, Eunice Kim 

Blazer: zip detail blazer // Guess?
Top: cutout bustier top // 2020AVE 
Bottoms: contrast band high-waist zip joggers // Forever21 (old)
Necklace: three bar necklace // Peach Me LA & one long bar pendant
Shoes: Nightmare platform booties // Y.R.U via Zooshoo
Hat: Black Staring at Stars Scout Panama Hat // Urban Outfitters

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