New Cuts

11:44 AM

I've acquired a new haircut and new threads that are cutting it close to becoming my everyday essentials coming in at a close second to my nightly PJ attire. Plus this bag is THEE statement piece for me this season.
So bold; so assertive; and yet so very versatile.
"I'm in luhhh with this bag, yo"

Sometimes, I like to say "F*** it, #YOLO" and do things that scare me.

Cases in point:

1.  My Haircut

I had almost no hesitation when it came to cutting my hair a lot shorter. What's even more surprising was cutting it in a way that I nor my hairdresser has ever done before. Luckily, I've been going to her for years, so I trusted her skills. I just needed to properly communicate my vision. I literally didn't decide on my haircut 'til the very last second when my hairdresser asked,  "Did you figure out what you want yet? Because I'm about to cut it now." So then I thought to myself, "Eff-it-YOLO, I'm gonna go all out." She was a bit hesitant at first, but once I guided her to envision what I was thinking of, it turned out to be so much more than what we both expected. Hair fiasco avoided. Now onto the next thing to thrill me..

2.  The Edge

You see that first photo of me standing on top of the 12-story ledge? Yeah, I was pretty much frozen up there like a cat stuck in a tall tree. Even though I assumed the "Ignorance is bliss" approach to ignoring the zooming cars 12-stories below, my peripheral visions assumed otherwise and I couldn't move freely. It's crazy how your mind will do that. As I stood on top, peering below at the unaware citizens, all my mind could think of was Murphy's law and the unavoidable laws of physics.
"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong"
As negative and hopeless as it sounds, that old-age adage can actually aid you in getting over mental blocks. How? I'm not sure myself, but needless to say, it was quite frightening, but addictively exhilarating.

So...What's the point of this post?
Two words: Calculated risks.

Do something that scares you, but stay within the safe-ish zone. Yes, it's true that "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong," so taking consequences into consideration is the farthest thing from a bad idea. I'm not encouraging you to go stand on top of the ledge of a building to experience exhilaration. This concept can be applied to getting to know new people or putting yourself out there. I learned that people don't like the whole my-life-is-so-perfect-heres-a-photo-of-flowers-&-all-my-awesome-shit. They like people who are REAL. But how do you stay genuinely real without allowing people exploit your vulnerability?

 If anything bad happens and you survive it, you'll come out of it stronger. Except when standing on a 12 story ledge. Trust me when I say, you'll never come out stronger from that.
*Take risks at your own discretion. Eunique Kollection is not responsible for the fulfillment of Murphy's Law. Be smart, guys. But don't be boring either.*

Per usual, I digress...
Now onto a little about my outfit:
Special shoutout to Judgmental 22 for this dope hat. I love unique snapbacks and what I love even more is that it matches great with my statement bag from NastyGal! This collared crop top is also from NastyGal and guys...I kid you not when I say that it goes with EVERYTHING. Throw it under a sweater for a sophisticated look, or wear it by itself with literally anything and everything. These jeans from Vibrant Miu too. They've easily become an essential outfit staple. I love the feel, the high-waisted fit, and the rips on these. They go so well with my new favorite vegan leather jacket from Zara.
On the real though, this outfit has ALL of my latest essential pieces. I've been consciously avoiding them so that I can give my other clothes some love. But no matter what, if you're in love, you're in luhhhhh....

Till next time,

xoxo, Eunice Kim 

Jacket: Zipper detail faux leather jacket // Zara
Top: Cecilia Crepe Crop Top // NastyGal
Bag: On the Kisser Bag // NastyGal
Jeans: Distressed high-waisted black denim jeans // Vibrant Miu
Shoes: Gwen booties // Shoemint
Sunglasses: Retro revo sunglasses // ZeroUV
Hat: Rose snapback // Judgemental 22

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