An Old Fashioned for an Old Fashioned Lady

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Recently, I became obsessed with the Old Fashioned drink after trying out Escala's Columbian Necktie (recommended on a fat rock of ice if you're not a whiskey-neat drinker) and thought to myself,
"Why don't I make it myself at home? Then I can have it whenever I want!"

So voila! I made my own special #EuniqueRecipe version of the Old Fashioned! Although not pictured, my additions are simple but packs a great punch. View the recipe below to start making your very own Euniquely Old Fashioned!

T h e   E u n i q u e l y   O l d   F a s h i o n e d   R e c i p e:

1 tablespoon ginger-infused simple syrup (plus more to taste)
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
1 long orange peel (that spans the height of the orange, including pith)
1 long lemon peel (in the same way as the orange, including pith)
2 shots of good-quality rye or bourbon (like Buffalo Trace as shown below)
1 fatass rock of ice (if available, and yes it's important that it's one massive thing)
1 daring dash of cayenne pepper (optional if you don't handle the spicy heat aka "optional if you're a weaksauce")

Start with two whiskey glasses and all the ingredients on hand.

Grab orange peel and gently squeeze the peel with the pith facing towards you. Rub the peel all over the glass, making sure to cover the whole rim with the orange peel oils. Set the orange peels aside or stick them onto the side of the rim.

I made ginger-infused simple syrup by boiling 1 part brown sugar + 1 part water along with big chunks of ginger I smashed whole, making sure it's still intact as a whole piece. I stored it in this thermos canister to prevent the syrup from spoiling.
Pour 1 tablespoon or a full 1-mississippi-second drip of the simple syrup.

Add 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Add your fatass ball of ice. I made these spheres using this mold I found at Bevmo

Pour 1...

...and 2 shots 
of bourbon or rye whiskey per glass. I chose Buffalo Trace as my bourbon of choice because of its vanilla and caramel aroma, which makes this an ideal choice for a sweet Old Fashioned. 

Once all the ingredients are incorporated, mix the cocktail to evenly distribute the simple syrup on the bottom. Lastly, squeeze the lemon peel and twist it to release all its oils, and add a dash of cayenne pepper on top for a eunique spin on this classic cocktail.

Note: Make sure to spray the peel's oils into the glass with the inner white pith facing towards you and let the oils float along the top so that with every sip, you get the fresh aromas of the citrus oils and get a nice hearty kick in the throat from the cayenne pepper. After squeezing & twisting out as much citrus oil as you can into the glass, give the peel a whirl in the cup to lightly mix in the oils.

Here's a little side note on why it's important to drink whiskey with one fatass rock: 
If you get whiskey or an Old Fashioned with ice chips, the surface area of each ice cube is very small that it'll melt quickly all together and dilute your drink far quicker. If you have one fat rock, the dilution process is far slower and will endure longer than the former. As with all Old Fashioneds the first sip you take will punch you in the face in the best way ever. As the drink dilutes down slowly, you'll notice the drink get sweeter and a lot more milder. That's what makes this drink so fantastic at lounge bars or social settings or even at home after a long day of work!  

I hope you enjoyed the first ever #EuniqueRecipes post!
I love the art of creating and that extends to the kitchen. I love cooking and creating new recipes with whatever I have left in my pantry & fridge. In a way, it's my own version of being on "Chopped".
If you enjoyed this post, please let me know in the comments below! What would you like me to create next?

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

xoxo, Eunice Kim 

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