Tuesday Tunes & A Love Story

4:11 PM

Hello, internet people! Happy belated Chinese New Year! It's the year of the goat, which means that this cycle coincides with my own birth year! So all you sheep people out there, hollah!

As an update on my life, I just got back from the WWD Magic tradeshow working as an exhibitor. As with it always is in Vegas, I'm exhausted from the trip. However, whatever I lacked in rest, I made up for in great memories. I did hold myself back during the trip and was actually very grandma-esque, opting to stay in my hotel room rather than go out clubbing. Oh goodness...am I getting old already?!


May God have mercy on my old soul...

Anywho, I wish I was able to keep up with NYFW and all the collections! Being busy with work has left me wanting to just unwind at home with mi amore (Chloe, my cat). Words cannot describe how much I missed her while I was away for 5 days! It was torture! But I think it was a blessing in disguise because as soon I got home, I dropped all my bags, ran straight to my cat (who was chillin on the couch like she was waiting for me), and began squealing at her saying:
This went on for a good 5 minutes with me almost tearing up with joy at the sight of seeing her luscious coated face rear its head out of a groggy slumber. Even she could tell that I missed her and was extremely glad to see her again, which in turn opened some kind of emotional passageway that finally let her put her trust in me.

A unique and complex concept that, although intangible, forms a palpable foundation between two creatures; This idea proliferates and even destroys relationships. 

Cats are known to be very hesitant of trusting owners (especially if they adopted them when they're past the kitten stage), which was the case with my cat, whom I adopted when she was 6 months old. I never felt like I fully gained her trust until I returned from this trip.
For a lack of better words, things are different between Chloe and me.
She's actually getting used to the idea of cuddling/snuggling up right by me, and it's been f**kin amazing. Needless to say, it's been absolutely blissful being at home.  It's been an amazing experience having a pet that continues to grow physically and emotionally with me, and I cannot stop raving on about her. Also, I've been trying to train my cat to use the toilet as her bathroom rather than a litter box through the CitiKitty training system. I'll update on that more later and possibly do a review if she succeeds.

Now, if you're even reading this, I have to congratulate you! Thanks for reading about my ever-growing love for my cat. I hope now you all understand that the term "crazy cat lady" is just describing the tip of the iceberg.

it'd be a miracle to find a suitor that I can offer this type of affection to.
I guess what they say is right:

Once you go cat, you don't go back.

Okay, so this was kind of a useless post, so to get it back on track, here's the rest of your Tuesday Tunes (after the jump!):

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