A Risqué Risk

4:56 PM

As one gets older, it becomes easier to bare your body, but harder to bare your soul.
In a world filled with trite expectations of how one should act or even how one should be,
it's no wonder we choose to reveal the outer peels
rather than the inner core that holds it all together.
So we're left with two choices:
Do we risk revealing the vulnerability that lies dormant inside?
Or do we make the risqué risk of baring our bodies to 
ironically conceal what's really going on inside?

A little note worth mentioning:
I'm not curvy. Don't judge my wall-like stature. I wasn't blessed with voluptuous ass-ets (see what I did there?)

This lingerie teddy from Seven Til Midnight though...
Rather than how it looks, it's more about how you feel in it.
Now I see why women invest in lingerie pieces.

Now, if only I can find my own Christian Grey...

I guess till then, I'll find solace & comfort in the fuzzy, hairy chest of my one & only beau:
My cat, Chloe <3
She's mi amore, mi gato. I speak Spanish lovin to her all the time:

"Nadie compréndeme como tú!"
"Te amo, mi amore mi gato. Tú eres la luz de mi vida."

....I digress...

Hope all you love birds have a wonderful, lovey-dovey-vomit-inducing Valentine's Day,
and for all my single ladies (& men) out there, I hope you drown your sorrows in an expensive bottle of whiskey/wine/vodka. You pick your poison, but I hope you pick it alongside the great company of your friends. Misery loves company, and so does tequila.

Whatever you do this weekend, have fun, be safe, and don't drink & drive!
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Jump down below for my Single's Awareness Day/Valentine's Day playlist.

Till next time...

xoxo, Eunice Kim 

Outfit: Chiffon Teddy // Seven Til Midnight (c/o)
Earrings: Double sided 8-16mm simulated pearl earrings // Hautelook
Necklace: Rhinestone studded arrow chain link necklace // Art Box Jewel (c/o)

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