2015 // Two Thousand Fifteen // A Personal Reflection

5:24 PM

You haven’t felt like your back was against the wall enough to BREAK through your personal BARRIERS. You told us that you’re not a sales person.That tells me that you’re not COMMITTED enough to the success of your product to try ANYTHING
I can’t see writing a check for somebody 
who finds the
EXCUSE rather than finds the OPPORTUNITY. I'm out."

-Mark Cuban

Hello, readers! I know it's been a long minute since the last time I've posted anything up on here. Rather than giving you an excuse of why I haven't been posting, I want to seek an opportunity (which I will reveal at the end of this post!) in accordance to a quote I heard on the amazingly awesome television show, Shark Tank...

Mark Cuban, a self-made billionaire, said the above quote to a woman pitching the idea of selling puppy cakes when she excused her lack of sales due to her lack of abilities as a salesperson. My first response when I heard the quote was:
"Ooohhhh~! You got burned, gurrllll!"
But as painful that comment may have seemed, it really stuck with me and it was as if Mr. Cuban was speaking to me through the screen, and it was the best advice I could have asked for at 3 am in the morning (other than my own stating: "Sleep > Shark Tank").

With the New Year rolling in a highly anticipated 2015 year, I've been on vocation-searching mode since the New Year hangover subsided and have been drafting a product that I hope to WILL develop. This idea has been marinating since its conception during my senior year at Pepperdine. I can't give anything away until I have a patent pending or until I get a mechanical engineer on board or until I figure out how it's going to work...
but first...baby steps...

These existential questions about why I was born in this time period and what I can do to make a difference has been quite exhausting. That paired with my apparent inability to focus and turn off Shark Tank to work on the said product has been even more frustrating. As you can see, I'm an extremely conflicted person who's so highly inspired and motivated, but lazy and sleep-deprived to make this blog and my product take off. That's no excuse. That's a statement of the fact that I absolutely have to change.

Most of us are filled to the brim with excuses, myself not excluded. As I grow older and somewhat wiser year-by-year, I've begun to slowly realize how often I would create excuses for my inability to complete a certain task or mission. For an example, the fact that I color-correct and edit all my photographers' works for this blog myself in exchange for free photoshoots is another excuse I use for the lack of consistent posts on this blog. Does this mean I'm not a hard worker? Of course not! I will work my ass off when needed, but that's just the problem. I only do so when I absolutely have to. A smart opportunist is also a well-prepared and patient individual, all aspects of an ideal human that I am not.
But I'm hoping that THIS WILL CHANGE!

With the new year, there are a lot of things I hope WILL change. I'm looking forward to what this year will bring and to all the changes I will make for myself and eventually, for the community and for the world.

So now, an opportunity rises. Although most of you come to this blog to see fashion/style photos of yours truly, I want to take this moment to reach out to any mechanical engineers out there who can help me develop a prototype & draft my product.

So if you or anyone you know specializes in mechanical engineering (hopefully with a background of physics), please email me at soo.eunice.kim@gmail.com. 

Sorry if you came here expecting fashionable photos and got this big blurb of self-deprecating verbiage instead. Be prepared to see photos this week though! Watch this space.
Till then, keep up with my boring life on Instagram (@eunique_kollection).

And since I haven't done a music post in a long minute, scroll down below for my top current faves! And follow me on Soundcloud here!

Do what makes you EUNIQUE!

xoxo, Eunice Kim 

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