Heat = Life

1:54 PM

Here's a random thought I came up with when I plugged in my laptop charger:
Electronics, or rather, things that aren't alive, are all void of heat unless they're used (revived/living), where they then get hot from their power source. 
And when the body dies, what's one of the first things we notice?
No pulse. No movement. And the body isn't warm.

No life = no heat
So by inverse deduction... 
does heat = life?

I guess that's were the term "warm-hearted" was coined from, same goes for the phrase "she's a cold-hearted bitch".  
But am I claiming that all things that have no heat aren't alive?
Of course not. You crazy?!

I'm just merely speculating a thought that arose in my head that eventually budded into nothingness.
So...where exactly is this going?

I'm not sure...

I guess this is a good time to tell you that I'm going to steer this blog away from being solely about fashion. I created this blog with the intention to create an online presence and have a eunique voice that people will actually listen to. 
So that leads to my final point...

Are you really listening?

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