Engulfed by Waves

3:29 AM

I dreamt that I was engulfed by waves.
They were made of some type of moving, luminous, alloy sheets.
You'd think they'd feel hard. Like harder-than-hardwood-floor hard.
But they didn't...

...When I fell in...
Gosh, I don't even know how I got sucked in...
It just felt like it swallowed me up with an audible slurp
and I was floating in a dismal liquid bliss...

(cont. below)

It was dark and it was bright at the same time.
Perhaps it was the light that blinded me to perceive the shadows.
I felt the chill in my bones, but I wasn't cold.
The waves moved to a familiar rhythm.
'duh-gunk, duh-gunk'
Sounds of a heartbeat.
It was a weird type of feeling.
The type that makes your gizzards feel like they're been wrung upside down.
There was no sense of direction, but being helplessly lost was unexpectedly relieving.
There was no up. There was no down.
There was just...


*15 seconds later*

"....oh crap I'm late."

- 01. 18. 2015 | Eunice Kim 

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